Zodiac Pisces Bracelet Gold-Plated ZB003G Jwls4u


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Zodiac Pisces Bracelet Gold-Plated ZB003G Jwls4u 17-20cm


Complete your outfit with this Pisces Bracelet. Show that you are proud of your zodiac sign!

Also nice to combine with the Pisces Necklace .

We supply a nice packaging and a super nice one Guide with fun and interesting facts about your Zodiac sign:

Zodiac sign Pisces are artistic, dreamy, spiritual, sympathetic and sensitive. They are not materialistic and like to share their things with others. They love relationships but also want to be alone sometimes. They don't need a large group of friends. They can also be know-it-alls which can also be annoying to others. They can be extremely happy but also extremely sad. Read more in the enclosed guide....

Specification: Materials:

For: Women Material: Silver 925 Gold-Plated

Series: Zodiac Sign Bracelet Guarantee: 1 year

Size: 17-20cm

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