Zodiac Virgo Bracelet Silver ZB009S


Zodiac Virgo Bracelet 925 Silver ZB009S 17-20 cm


Complete your outfit with this Virgo Bracelet. Show that you are proud of your zodiac sign!

Also nice to combine with the Virgo Necklace .

We supply a nice packaging and a super nice one Guide with fun and interesting facts about your Zodiac sign.

Zodiac sign Virgos are a bit secretive and picky. They are focused on solving problems. Virgos are focused on the future. Spontaneous actions are not for them. Everything has to go according to plan. They are often difficult to estimate. They say things are going well, when that is not the case at all. You will never win an argument with a virgin. They simply don't cooperate or simply walk away. Read more in the enclosed guide....

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V Free shipping within the Netherlands

Specification: Materials:

For: Women Material: Silver 925

Series: Zodiac Sign Bracelet Guarantee: 1 year

Size: 17-20cm

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