Jwls4u Earrings Earstuds Star Open Silver JE006S


Jwls4u Earstuds Star Open Rhodinated 925 Silver 6mm JE006S


These beautiful stars are truly sublime. Beautiful because of the 3D design. Very nice as a stud with 2 or 3 holes. Look for nice combinations with earrings and earrings on this site and create your own Ear party. These studs are made of 925 rhodium-plated silver, and therefore do not discolour.

V Delivery time: within 2 working days

V Free shipping within the Netherlands


For: Ladies

Series: Jwls4u Studs

Dimensions: Ø 0.5cm


Material: 925 silver rhodium plated

Colour: Silver

Guarantee: 1 year

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