Gala Design Ring Strong J0129


Gala Design Ring Strong J0129 925 silver


What a beauty! Order your beautiful sleek silver Ring from the Strong Collection quickly. This ring is made of 925 Silver and features a 925 Silver Gold-Plated accent and a Zirconia Stone. The ring is available in sizes 16 to 19.5.

Tip: this ring can be nicely combined with the Earrings and Necklaces from the Strong Collection.

V Delivery time: within 2 working days

V Free shipping within the Netherlands


For: Ladies

Series: Gala Design Ring

Sizes: 16, 16.5, 17, 17.5, 18, 18.5, 19, 19.5


Material: 925 Silver

Stones: Zirconia

Guarantee: 1 year

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