Dreamcatcher Necklace Flower Set TFS02MMR

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Dreamcatcher Necklace Flower Set TFS02MMR


What a beautiful combination! Quickly order your own stainless steel set from Dreamcatcher. This set consists of a mocca brown necklace, a mocca brown round pendant and a rose gold colored feather. These sets have been put together by us. If you would rather put it together yourself, take a look at the pendants , feathers and Chains on the individual pages from the menu.

V Delivery time: within 2 working days

V Free shipping within the Netherlands


For: Ladies

Series: Dreamcatcher Set

Chain length: 70cm or 80cm

Chain thickness: 3mm

Hanger: 2.5cm or 3.5cm

Feather 3.5cm or 5.5cm


Material: Stainless steel

Color: Ionic Plating (colorfast)

Guarantee: 1 year

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